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12 Volt Super-Hot Water Dispenser (KAG0393)

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Our super hot water dispenser will give you a cupful of hot water at the push of a button.


The Super Hot Water Dispenser:

  • Operates from 12V: car, caravan, boat, or harvester
  • Produces Super hot water at 100 degrees C
  • Has a flexible "head" as dispenser using magnetic base
  • Auto-dispenses super hot water directly into your cup
  • Absolutely no spill and it is so easy to use one handed
  • Dispenser has flexible tube wrapped in curly cord
  • Main heating control unit is size of an iPad, 45mm thick
  • Takes the water from caravan water tank or remote water container. 5L is nominal easy size. (tank is not included)
  • Uses 180W of power while heating, less in standby mode

Chilled Water Bonus Feature:

There is an optional thermos tank (3 L)

  • Tank holds ice water in a well insulated container
  • Insulation test was for 5 hours (ice in water at 6 degrees c which rose to 12 degrees c over 5 hours)
  • Dispensing head has a "chilled water" selection which bypasses the hot water heater. It dispenses chilled water from the insulating thermos direct to the dispensing head
  • The unit does not chill water
  • The same thermos can be used for Super hot water
  • When the water source is chilled, it takes 3-4 minutes longer to get to 100 degrees c

Safety First:

  • European health approval for portable hot water
  • System returns water in the dispenser line back to the main heating control unit after heating so line is clear
  • System uses very little 12V power in standby mode

Here is how it works:

  • Slide the “on” switch on top of the flexible dispenser
  • Select "hot water". Wait10-12 mins to get to temperature. After that much less
  • Dispenser shows temperature in degrees C on display
  • Once at 100 degrees c, place the cup under. It will "auto-dispense" into the cup until you take the cup away
  • After use, the unit goes into "standby" mode to save power


  • System uses 15A - 12V power. Cigarette lighter adapter cant be used as it is limited to 10A
  • Wire the 12V power supply to vehicle 12V supply
  • Locate main heating control unit under the car seat or similar position
  • Run the flexible tube and dispensing head up to the vehicle dash
  • Connect the tank or water container of your choice in the back of the vehicle
  • Turn on and operate

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