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  • Purchase our great range of camping products - like our portable solar panels, camping hot water system or LED camping lights.

  • Many of these products have been tested and developed on our rugged range of offroad camper trailers and caravans since 2003 so you can be assured of excellent quality and performance.

  • We have also added a select range of accessories for Kimberley Offroad Camper Trailers and Offroad Caravans.

  • We are adding these items gradually so if you can't find what you are looking for please contact our Sales team or use the Chat feature on this web site

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super-light solar panel kit

Super-light Solar Panel Retrofit Kits

We've recently made our Super-light Solar Kits available to fit most makes and models of Caravans and Pop Tops on the Market. This ultra thin and super light solar technology is new to the market and has been developed by Kimberley and is now available to anyone.  Using these super thin and super light solar panels can reduce the weight of solar on the Roof or your van or pop Top by up to 80%.  These panels also use our MPPT Solar Controllers for best performance.



super-light solar panel kitHow to use camping solar panels

One of the challenges for newcomers to camping /boating is understanding energy consumption, battery capacity and solar panel sizing. To help take the mystery out of this, Kimberley developed a guide which also includes the option of including a fuel cell or not... and seeing the difference Click here to see this guide.